01 October 2007
My ears totally bled
To get the full effect, turn it up loud--and remember, I was LOCKED INSIDE with them.

For my next trick, giving as how this was my stupid idea, I'll teach them the Haka...

...because they could totally scare the shit out of some folks!
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  • At 13:18, Blogger Poppy Fields

    I almost got busted watching this at work, luckily the volume was off :)

  • At 14:45, Anonymous Anonymous

    I learned something new today. Thanks. (I checked out the Haka site)...interesting.

  • At 00:00, Blogger Wendz

    Gawd! Poor you...how do you survive that noise every day?

  • At 10:45, Blogger Deb

    Teaching them the Haka....now THAT would be scary!!!!!

  • At 22:41, Blogger Karina

    Ohhh yes please Doc!!! the Pecan Pie recipe would be wonderful! I did a google search today and found some with maple syrup which would add a really nice flavor :-) You can either post it on my blog or send me an email to karinainfrance @ yahoo (dot) com! Thanks a million ;-)