29 September 2006
HAIR! not the musical
When I found out I was pregnant with the M3 I decided to stop coloring my hair. I woke up this morning with roots that were a good eight, nine inches long. After she was born, I lost a bunch of hair. It fell out in clumps and I honestly thought I looked like I had radiation sickness. I was able to weave little figurines out of hair every time I brushed my hair. Eventually it all grew back in, with more gray than before (can I blame that on Marc?), so I not only had the great big long root-thang goin’ on, but I had these little puffs sticking out on the sides of my head. And on top of that, the last time I had my hair cut professionally was for the Houdini-Monkey’s baptism, a little over two years ago. Agh!

I have to go dress up and play nice this weekend because Marc’s friend is getting married and my husband is the best man. I can’t get out of going because that would just be tacky. Besides, we’ve rented a gîte and we’re splitting it with friends, so it’s like a little weekend get-away, only Marc’ll be otherwise occupied and I’ll be stuck with the kids—so more of the usual—just in different surroundings. Work with me here—I need some support. Anyway, I can’t show up with the mess I have on my head. It’s like five different colors, sticks out every which way and I can’t barely get a brush through it on a good day. Drastic measures are needed.

So yesterday I went had had all my hair cut off. It’s gone. All gone. I can actually lay down and still move my head—my hair isn’t pinned behind my back immobilizing me. And the color is all natural now. Holy cow I got gray! (And Vi, I completely blame you for that. “Oh Doc, it’ll be so pretty when it grows out!” Yeah. Whatev-ah!) I’m feeling a bit light headed to be honest. My mop used to fall well below my shoulder-blades. No more!

I’ll be back soon. We’re heading home on Monday, but we’ve got that appointment with the lawyer some 350 kilometers away in the afternoon, so it’ll probably be Tuesday or later before I post again. Ugh. I feel the withdrawal already.

Dear Santa, please bring me a laptop…
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