25 September 2006
For the Kool-Aid Goddess
I'm back at it again today, baking yet another pecan pie, although (sadly) not for that hunky piece of eye candy up the street. Vi asked me share my doctored recipe here, and as she was so kind to cart back packets of fruit flavored drink powder from her visit with her sick father (now that's a true friend for ya!), the least I can do is oblige. So:

you need:

A pie crust of your choice (and no Vi, I refuse to share my recipe for that-Granny'd kill me)

4 medium eggs
24 cl (1 cup) maple syrup (and yes maple flavored syrup will work just as well, if you're into the OGM* thang)
150 grs (2/3 cup) sugar
67 grs
(1/3 cup) butter
1 big fat soup spoon full of vanilla
, or more if you like. I happen to be a fan of vanilla.
2 1/2 Little French-grocery store size bags of Pecans
(1 1/2 cups) (Walnuts work equally well)

So you mix those last six ingredients up, chuck it in your basic unbaked pie shell, cover the edges with foil and poke it in the oven at 180°C (350°F) for 25 minutes. Then you gently rip the foil off, and chuck it back in for another half hour or so, or until a knife inserted near the middle comes out clean. Let it cool, then proceed to put yourself into a diabetic coma.

At last. Sorry about yesterday. Here's a picture of the dessert table from our Turkey Day Feast last year. There be two of these pies there on the table and they was so bad the Frenchies left NOT ONE CRUMB for me to narf on afterwards. Boogers!

*OGM= most maple flavored syrup sold in France has a warning that it might contain genetically modified ingredients. Buyer be warned...

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